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People question why the real estate industry was deemed essential by the Federal Government in the midst of COVID 19 pandemic and at a time when people should Not be stepping out of their homes. Let me explain why.... it’s not about “sales”. Our government & the real estate industry are much more concerned about people with these sorts of challenges:

-- An 80-year-old couple who lost their life savings in the stock market crash need to sell their single family house to sustain themselves financially.

-- A cancer patient who needs to downsize to use the money for medical bills. Apart from Corona- people have Other illnesses which can cost a lot to treat.

-- A woman and her two small kids who has been in an abusive relationship and finally had the courage to Leave! Her priority is to get her kids to a safe home, she needs to move Now.

-- A family's house burned down - they lost everything they own and they've just received their insurance payout & need to find a home to buy ASAP.

TV concentrates on the glitz & glamour of our profession, in truth Realtors serve many people through some extraordinarily difficult times. Death, Divorce, Sickness, Job loss- an endless list. We are Out in the field at the Cost of our own Health and Safety as well as our family's because hardship can strike at any time and it is our duty to serve those in need.

If You or anyone you know is going through a tough time and needs to move, please contact me. I promise to do my best to help you save money and time to get you through this rough patch while following All the Vital protocol to keep you and your family Safe and Secure. Please reach out- if not anything else you can talk to me in Complete Confidentiality- with Zero Obligation. 

We will get through this together. Please Stay Safe.

I am here for you. 


Lavanya Ghorpade

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